Unincorporated businesses or partnerships

11. Evidence to be obtained in either documentary or electronic form:
a. true full name or names;
b. complete current registered and trading address, including relevant details with regard to country of establishment;
c. telephone number and email address;
d. fiscal residence;
e. business activity;
f. information on the nature of the business to be conducted;
g. trading licence, with renewal date;
h. a list of authorised signatories of the business or partnership;
i. regulatory body, if applicable;
j. information regarding the origin of funds; and
k. information regarding the Source of Wealth/income.
12. Documentary evidence of identity:
a. the latest annual report and accounts, audited where applicable; and
b. a certified copy of the partnership deed, to ensure that it has a legitimate purpose and to ascertain the nature of the business or partnership.
13. Evidence of the trading address of the business or partnership should be obtained and may be verified with a visit to the place of business.