SCHEDULE 2 Mandatory Provisions Of The Regulations

The mandatory provisions referred to in section 9Error! Reference source not found. of the Regulations are the following:

Section 11 (Waiver and loss of right to object);
Section 12 (Extent of court intervention);
Section 14 (Arbitration agreement);
Section 16 (Stay of legal proceedings);
Section 20 (Grounds for challenge);
Section 22 (Failure or impossibility to act);
Section 24 (Liability of arbitral tribunal and others);
Section 26 (Objection to the substantive jurisdiction of tribunal);
Section 27 (Determination of preliminary point of jurisdiction);
Section 30 (Recognition and enforcement of interim measures by the Court);
Section 31 (Power of the Court to order interim measures);
Section 32 (Privacy of arbitration related court proceedings);
Section 33 (Fair treatment of parties);
Section 34(4) and (5) (Determination of rules of procedure);
Section 35(2) (Seat of arbitration);
Section Error! Reference source not found.(1) and (2) (Disclosure of a third-party funding agreement);
Section 38(3) (Consolidation orders – limitation periods);
Section Error! Reference source not found. (Party and party’s representatives conduct);
Section 45(2) (Confidentiality of arbitral proceedings and awards);
Section 47(3) and (4) (Expert report or evidentiary document);
Section 48 (Court assistance in taking evidence);
Section 49(1) and (3) (Rules applicable to substance of dispute);
Section 54 (Awards on different aspects of matters);
Section 55(1) and (3) to (9) (Form and contents of award);
Section 56(1) to (4) (Termination of proceedings);
Section 59 (Waiver of the right to bring an action for setting aside);
Section 60 (Application of this Part);
Section 61 (Recognition and enforcement of awards); and
Section 62 (Grounds for refusing recognition or enforcement).