SCHEDULE 1 Definitions And General Interpretation

"company" has the meaning given to it in the Companies Regulations;

"prescribed form" means a document in the form prescribed as listed on the website of the Registrar at the following address;

"required" means required by rules made by the Registrar under section 989 of the Companies Regulations;

"relevant company form" means —

(a) a standard form required for giving notice under section 75 (change of address of registered office), section 157 (changes relating to directors) or section 293 (changes relating to secretaries) of the Companies Regulations, or
(b) so much of a standard form required for delivering an application under section 9 of the Companies Regulations (application for registration of a company) as is required for the statement of a company's proposed officers referred to in section 6(3)(c);

"relevant material" means material on the register that was included in, or is derived from material that was included in, a relevant company form delivered to the Registrar by any person; and

"valid objection" means —

(a) an objection made in accordance with rule 5(6) and (7) by a person to whom notice of the application was given under rule 5(2) or (3), or
(b) an objection made in accordance with rule 5(6) by any other person which is not an objection that the Registrar is prevented from taking into account under rule 5(8).