PRU A10.1.1

(1) This Rule applies to an Authorised Person carrying on business in or from the ADGM through a Branch that applies for a global liquidity concession under Rule 9.3.2.
(2) The Authorised Person must demonstrate to the Regulator that:
(a) its Branch complies with all applicable liquidity systems and controls requirements in section 9.2;
(b) its head office is established in a jurisdiction where there are no legal constraints imposed by the home supervisor or any other authority on the provision of liquidity to its Branch; and
(c) its head office is subject to equivalent or more restrictive liquidity requirements, than those imposed by the Regulator.
(3) The Regulator may, when considering an application from the Authorised Person for a global liquidity concession, impose additional or alternative conditions to those specified in (2) or disapply a condition in (2).