PRU 4.15.3

For the purposes of this Section an Authorised Person must:

(a) identify its Exposures;
(b) identify its Counterparties, including whether any are Closely Related to each other or Connected to the Authorised Person;
(c) measure the size of its Exposures;
(d) establish the value of its Exposures;
(e) determine the size of its Exposures as a proportion of its Capital Resources;
(f) identify whether it has Exposures which are subject to the requirements of Section 4.13 (CRM);
(g) identify which, if any, of its Exposures are exempt in accordance with Section A4.11 from the limits set out in Rules 4.15.4 to 4.15.7;
(h) aggregate its Exposures to the same Counterparty or group of Closely Related Counterparties or group of Connected Counterparties;
(i) monitor and control its Exposures on a daily basis within the Concentration Risk limits; and
(j) notify the Regulator immediately of any breach of the limits set out in this Section and confirm it in writing.