Principle 6 — Position and prospects

Rule 9.2.8

"The Board must ensure that the Reporting Entity's financial and other reports present an accurate, balanced and understandable assessment of the Reporting Entity's financial position and prospects by ensuring that there are effective internal risk control and reporting requirements."

61. The Board's responsibility to present a true, balanced and understandable assessment of its financial position and prospects should extend to interim and other price-sensitive public reports and reports to regulators as well as to information required to be presented by law.
62. The Directors should explain in the annual financial report their responsibility for preparing that report and accounts, and there should be a statement by the auditor about their reporting responsibilities.
63. The Directors should include in the annual report an explanation of the basis on which the Reporting Entity generates or preserves value over the longer term (the business model) and the strategy for delivering the objectives of the Reporting Entity.
64. The Directors should report in annual and half yearly financial statements that the business is a going concern, with supporting assumptions or qualifications as necessary.