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Date issued: 9 July 2020

This Practice Direction is to be read with, and subject to, the Insolvency Regulations 2015 (“Regulations”), the ADGM Court Procedure Rules 2016 (“CPR”) and the Divisions and Jurisdiction (Court of First Instance) Rules 2015. This Practice Direction does not set out all of the relevant procedures relating to insolvency proceedings or related matters, and parties must also refer to and comply with any requirements set out in the Regulations.

The Provisions of the CPR (including any related Practice Directions) apply for the purposes of any Insolvency Proceedings before the Court with any necessary modifications, except so far as disapplied by or inconsistent with this Practice Direction.

Except as provided otherwise in this Practice Direction, terms have the meanings set out in the CPR or the Regulations, as the case may be. A reference in this Practice Direction to the Registrar of Companies has the same meaning as the Registrar for the purposes of the Regulations. Any reference to a section in this Practice Direction is a reference to a section in the Regulations unless otherwise stated and a reference to a Rule is a reference to the CPR.

This Practice Direction must be read in conjunction with other Practice Directions including, in particular:

•   Practice Direction 1 – General
•   Practice Direction 6 – Service of Documents
•   Practice Direction 9 – Costs
•   Practice Direction 11 – Appeals

Unless the Court orders or directs otherwise, the following provisions shall apply.