Part 3 Interpretation of this Schedule

(a) In this Schedule:

"processor" means any person who provides a service which consists of putting information into data form or processing information in data form and any reference to a processor includes a reference to his employees; and

"public function" includes:
(i) any function conferred by or in accordance with any provision contained in any enactment;
(ii) any similar function conferred on persons by or under provisions having effect as part of the law of a country or territory outside the Abu Dhabi Global Market; and
(iii) any function exercisable in relation to the investigation of any criminal offence or for the purpose of any criminal proceedings.
(b) In this Schedule any reference to:
(i) an employee of any person who has access to protected information shall be deemed to include any person working or providing services for the purposes of that person or employed by or on behalf of, or working for, any person who is so working or who is supplying such a service; and
(ii) the disclosure for the purpose of facilitating the carrying out of a public function includes disclosure in relation to, and for the purpose of, any proceedings whether civil, criminal or disciplinary in which the specified public authority engages while carrying out its public functions.