MIR 3.7.5 Proper information

In determining whether appropriate arrangements have been made to make relevant information available to Persons engaged in dealing in Financial Instruments admitted to trading on the Recognised Investment Exchange, the Regulator may have regard to:
(a) the extent to which Members and Clients for whom they act are able to obtain information about those Financial Instruments, either through accepted channels for dissemination of information or through other regularly and widely accessible communication media, to make a reasonably informed judgment about the value and the risks associated with those Financial Instruments in a timely fashion;
(b) what restrictions, if any, there are on the dissemination of relevant information to the Recognised Investment Exchange's Members and Clients for whom they act; and
(c) whether relevant information is or can be kept to restricted groups of Persons in such a way as to facilitate or encourage dealing in contravention of the Rules of Market Conduct.