MIR 3.6.2

Recognised Investment Exchanges shall, with regard to Transactions in respect of Financial Instruments admitted to trading on or concluded within their systems, make public the following details:
(a) the details specified in Rule 3.6.7;
(b) an indication that the exchange of Financial Instruments is determined by factors other than the current market valuation of the Financial Instrument, where the Transaction:
(i) related to an individual Financial Instrument in a portfolio trade; or
(ii) is a volume weighted average price Transaction.
(c) an indication that the trade was a negotiated trade, where applicable; and
(d) any amendments to previously disclosed information, where applicable.
These details shall be made public either by reference to each Transaction or in a form aggregating the volume and price of all Transactions in the same Financial Instrument taking place at the same price at the same time.