MIR 2.6.2

A Recognised Body must have a business continuity plan, which is subjected to periodic review and scenario testing, that addresses events posing a significant risk of disrupting operations, including events that could cause a widespread or major disruption. The plan should:

(a) outline objectives, policies, procedures and responsibilities to deal with internal and external business disruptions and measures to ensure timely resumption of service levels;
(b) include policies and procedures for event and crisis management;
(c) incorporate the use of a secondary site;
(d) contain appropriate emergency rules for force majeure events;
(e) be designed to ensure that critical information technology systems can resume operations within two hours following disruptive events;
(f) outline business continuity procedures in respect of its Members and other users of its facilities following disruptive or force majeure events; and
(g) in the case of a Recognised Clearing House, be designed to enable the Recognised Clearing House to complete settlement by the end of the day of disruption, even in case of extreme circumstances.