MIR 2.12.6

In assessing whether the arrangements include procedures for the fair, independent and impartial resolution of appeals against decisions of a Recognised Body, the Regulator may have regard to at least the following factors:

(a) the appeal procedures of the Recognised Body, including the composition and roles of any appeal committees or tribunals, and their relationship to the Governing Body;
(b) the arrangements made to ensure prompt hearings of appeals from decisions made by the Recognised Body;
(c) the format, organisation and rules of procedure of those hearings;
(d) the arrangements made to select the Persons to preside over those hearings and to serve as members of any appeal tribunal;
(e) the provision for determining whether or not such hearings should be in public;
(f) the provision made to enable an appellant to be aware of the procedure at any appeal hearing and to have the opportunity to prepare and present his case at that hearing;
(g) the provision made for an appeal tribunal to give an explanation of its decision; and
(h) the provision for publicity for any appeals or for determining whether or not publicity should be given to the outcome of any appeal.