IFR 4.2.3

An Authorised Person which is a Takaful Operator must ensure that the financial statements required to be produced by it under GEN 6 for each Takaful Fund contains the following disclosures:

(a) income from contributions to the Takaful Fund;
(b) revenues and gains from the Takaful Fund's investments;
(c) amounts paid to the Takaful Operator;
(d) amounts paid for Retakaful cover, net of any commissions;
(e) amounts paid to Takaful contributors as a distribution of surplus;
(f) amounts of any financing received from, or repaid to the Takaful operator;
(g) changes in the actuarial reserves of the Takaful Fund; and
(h) the position of the Takaful Fund at the end of the period, including actuarial reserves, policyholders' surplus and any loans outstanding.