Guidance on CDD

1. The information required under 8.3.2(2)(a) and (b) should be obtained through a first-hand inspection of an original current, valid passport or, where a customer does not own a passport, an official identification document which includes a photograph.
2. A Relevant Person should ensure that any documents used for the purpose of identification are original documents.
3. Where personal identity documents, such as a passport, ID card or other identification documentation cannot be obtained in original form, for example because a Relevant Person has no physical contact with the Customer, the identification documentation provided should be certified as a true copy of the original document by any one of the following:
a. a registered lawyer;
b. a registered notary;
c. a chartered accountant;
d. a government ministry;
e. a post office;
f. a police officer; or
g. an embassy or consulate.
The individual or authority undertaking the certification should be contactable if necessary.
Where a copy of an original identification document is made by a Relevant Person, the copy should be dated, signed and marked with 'original sighted'.
Amended on (15 April, 2019).