1. The identification of the possible balance sheet and off-balance sheet impact referred to in Rule 9.2.9(2)(b) should take into account:
a. possible changes in the market's perception of the Authorised Person and the effects that this might have on the Authorised Person's access to the markets, including:
i. where the Authorised Person funds its holdings of assets in one currency with liabilities in another, access to foreign exchange markets, particularly in less frequently traded currencies;
ii. access to secured funding, including by way of repurchase agreement transactions; and
iii. the extent to which the Authorised Person may rely on committed facilities made available to it;
b. whenever applicable the possible effect of each scenario tested on currencies whose exchange rates are currently pegged or fixed; and
c. that:
i. general market turbulence may trigger a substantial increase in the extent to which Persons exercise rights against the Authorised Person under off-balance sheet instruments to which the Authorised Person is party;
ii. access to OTC Derivative and foreign exchange markets is sensitive to credit-ratings;
iii. Early Amortisation in asset securitisation transactions with which the Authorised Person has a connection may be triggered; and
iv. its ability to securitise assets may be reduced.