An Authorised Person should conduct sufficient legal review to verify this and have a well-founded legal basis to reach this conclusion, and undertake such further review as necessary to ensure continuing enforceability. The review should cover relevant jurisdictions such as the jurisdiction whose law governs the credit protection or Collateral agreement and the jurisdiction whose law governs the transaction subject to the credit protection or Collateral agreement. There should be sufficient written documentary evidence to adequately support the conclusion drawn and rebut any legal challenge. While an Authorised Person may use either in-house or external legal counsel, it should consider whether or not in-house counsel opinion is appropriate. The senior management of the Authorised Person should ensure that an officer of the Authorised Person who is legally qualified and independent of the parties originating the transaction reviews the legal opinion and confirms that he is satisfied that an adequate review has been completed and that he agrees with the conclusions drawn. The Regulator may request a copy of any documentation to support the CRM used by the Authorised Person.