1. A Reporting Entity of a Listed Fund is required to disclose Inside Information relating to the Listed Fund to the market as soon as possible in accordance with the requirements in Rule 3.9. In practice, a short period before announcing Inside Information is permitted where a Reporting Entity is affected by an unexpected event and the Reporting Entity needs to clarify the situation or take legal advice so that any information released is accurate and not false, misleading, or deceptive. Any delay should be limited to a period no longer than is reasonably necessary in the circumstances. Where there is a danger of the information leaking out in the meantime, the Reporting Entity should make a holding announcement giving an outline of the subject matter of the announcement, the reasons why a full announcement cannot yet be made and undertaking to make a full announcement as soon as possible.
2. For the disclosure to be not false, misleading, or deceptive, a Reporting Entity of a Listed Fund should provide information that is accurate, factual and complete. Any incomplete or inaccurate information, such as omission of relevant information, may be false, misleading, and/or deceptive. Information should be provided in an easy to understand manner and not for promotional purposes. The use of imprecise and confusing language such as "double digit" or "in excess of last year" should be avoided as it does not allow investors to properly assess the information for the purpose of making an informed decision relating to the Relevant Securities.
3. A confidentiality agreement cannot prevent a Reporting Entity from complying with its obligations relating to the disclosure of Inside Information.
4. If, for any reason, a Reporting Entity of a Listed Fund is unable, or unwilling to make a holding announcement it may be appropriate for the Reporting Entity to file a report pursuant to Rule 3.5.4(2) and for the trading of Units to be suspended until the Reporting Entity of the Listed Fund is in a position to make an announcement.