Examples of further circumstances that warrant the suspension by the Regulator of Securities from the Official List of Securities include:

1. the Listed Entity has failed to meet its continuing obligations for listing;
2. the Listed Entity has failed to publish financial information in accordance with these Rules;
3. the Listed Entity is unable to assess accurately its financial position and inform the market accordingly;
4. there is insufficient publicly-available information in the market about a proposed transaction which involves the Listed Entity or the Relevant Securities;
5. the Listed Entity's Securities have been suspended elsewhere;
6. the Listed Entity has appointed Administrators or receivers, or is an Investment Trust or Fund and is winding up;
7. the Relevant Securities are a securitised Derivative and any underlying Instrument is suspended; or
8. for a Derivative which carries a right to buy or subscribe for another Security, the Security over which the Derivative carries a right to buy or subscribe has been suspended.