1. The circumstances causing a notifiable change may or may not be within the control of the Fund Manager.
2. For the purpose of this Chapter, a notifiable change might include:
a. a change of a named investment manager where the Fund has been marketed on the basis of that investment manager's involvement;
b. a significant political event which impacts on the Fund or its operation;
c. a change to the time of the valuation point;
d. the introduction of limited issue arrangements; or
e. a change in the name of the Fund.
3. The appropriate manner and timescale of notification in this Chapter would depend on the nature of the change or event. Consequently, the Fund Manager will need to assess each change or event individually.
4. An appropriate manner of notification could include:
a. sending an immediate notification to the Unitholder;
b. publishing the information on a website; or
c. the information being included in the next periodical report of the Fund.