1. A dilution levy or adjustment means a charge of such amount or such rate as is determined by a Fund Manager of a Fund to be made for the purpose of reducing the effect of dilution, i.e., the amount of dealing costs incurred, or expected to be incurred, by a Fund Manager, to the extent that these costs may reasonably be expected to result, or to have resulted, from the acquisition or disposal of Investments by the Fund Manager as a consequence (whether or not immediate) of the increase or decrease in the cash resources of the Fund resulting from the issue or cancellation of Units over a period.
2. Dealing costs referred to in Guidance 1 include both the costs of dealing in an Investment, professional fees incurred, or expected to be incurred, in relation to the acquisition or disposal of Real Property and, where there is a spread between the buying and selling prices of the Investment, the indirect cost resulting from the differences between those prices.