FUNDS 9.1.1

(1) This Chapter applies, subject to (4), to a Fund Manager of a Domestic Fund, and each Director or partner of the Fund Manager and, if it has a Governing Body, each member of that body.
(2) This Chapter also applies (to the extent stated herein) to an Authorised Person, and each of its Directors or partners, where such a Firm is not the Fund Manager and undertakes the marketing of Units of a Domestic Fund.
(3) This Chapter also applies to other specified Persons to the extent so specified.
(4) Only this Rule and the following requirements in this Chapter apply to, or in relation to, a Qualified Investor Fund:
(a) Rule 9.2;
(b) Rule 9.3;
(c) Rules 9.4.1 and 9.4.2;
(d) Rule 9.5.2;
(e) Rule 9.5.4;
(f) Rule 9.6.1;
(g) Rule 9.7; and
(h) Rule 9.8.