FUNDS 7.2.1

An Authorised Fund Manager to which this Chapter applies must give notice to the Regulator of its intention to manage a Foreign Fund by submitting a notification to the Regulator as soon as reasonably practicable before launch in accordance with the requirements of this Chapter.

The notification shall be in such form as the Regulator may prescribe and should be submitted together with the most recent versions of:

(a) the constitution of the Fund;
(b) the offering document (or equivalent) relating to the Fund; and
(c) such other required information as the Regulator may from time to time prescribe.

The Authorised Fund Manager shall, as part of its notification, evidence that the requirements of Rule 7.2.3 and Rule 10.1.6 have been met or will, by the time that the Authorised Fund Manager commences management of the Foreign Fund, be met.