FUNDS 7.1.1

A Foreign Fund Manager to whom this Chapter applies must:

(a) be subject to regulation by, or registration with, a Financial Services Regulator in a Recognised Jurisdiction or a jurisdiction otherwise acceptable to the Regulator with respect to its activity of managing Funds; and
(b) either:
(1) subject itself to the Abu Dhabi Global Market laws and regulations and the jurisdiction of the Abu Dhabi Global Market Courts so far as they apply to its activities relating to the Domestic Fund; or
(2) be subject to the laws and regulations of a Zone 1 jurisdiction or Recognised Jurisdiction as they apply to managing Funds; or
(3) be subject to laws and regulations that are otherwise, in the opinion of the Regulator, reasonably equivalent to those of the Abu Dhabi Global Market as they apply to management of Domestic Funds,

and, in each case, sign the appropriate declaration for that purposes as may be required by the Regulator.