FUNDS 16.4.3

The Fund Manager must take reasonable steps to ensure that the interim and annual reports for a Fund or the Sub-Funds of an Umbrella Fund are clear, complete and true and contain information for the relevant period and:

(a) the name of the Fund or Sub-Fund, its stated investment objectives, the policy of achieving those objectives and a brief assessment of its risk profile;
(b) a review of the Fund's or Sub-Fund's investment activities and investment performance during the period;
(c) sufficient information to enable Unitholders to form a view on where the portfolio is invested at the end of the period and the extent to which that has changed over the period; and
(d) any other significant information which would reasonably enable Unitholders to make an informed judgment on the activities of the Fund or Sub-Fund during the period and the results of those activities at the end of the reporting period.