FUNDS 10.1.4

An Authorised Fund Manager or other Authorised Person must ensure that the Prospectus contains adequate disclosure to investors, including:

(a) the investment policy and strategy, as well as risks associated with the strategy;
(b) management, performance, distribution and redemption fees payable or borne by investors;
(c) terms on which an investor may terminate its investment or exit the Fund including, where applicable, gating, side-pocketing, lock-up or suspensions of redemptions, including any penalties that may apply under such circumstances;
(d) the valuation policy and performance measurement standards;
(e) where there are investments in hard-to-value or illiquid assets, the methodology and procedures for their valuation;
(f) the use of leverage, to the extent permitted by the investment mandate, including a description of the types of leverage that may be employed and the circumstances in which leverage may be used; and
(g) any counterparties appointed in respect of the Fund.