FEES 1.2.7

(a) In respect of any fee payable in accordance with these Rules, the fee must, subject to (b), be paid:
(i) by the Person to whom the Rule applies or a Person approved by the Regulator;
(ii) in USD; and
(iii) by bank transfer directly from a bank account or via a debit or credit card maintained by the Person specified in or approved under (i) into the Regulator's bank account.
(b) The Regulator will accept payment of a fee in USD from a member of the Applicant's Group, the Applicant's Parent, the Applicant's legal advisor or a Person who has applied to be a Controller in relation to the Applicant but only where:
(i) the relevant fee is an application or authorisation fee or the initial annual supervision fee due under Rule 1.2.2(a); or
(ii) the Applicant is in formation and does not have a commercial licence to enable it to open a bank account in its own name.
(c) A fee payable under Rules 3.9, 4.1 or 4.2 may be paid by any of the following:
(i) Issuer, Offeror or Reporting Entity of Securities;
(ii) if the Issuer is a Special Purpose Vehicle, by the Person who set up or controls, directly or indirectly, that Special Purpose Vehicle;
(iii) the lead arranger of a proposed issue of Securities, if the lead arranger is a Bank or is authorised to accept deposits, and supervised, by the Central Bank of the State; or
(iv) the legal advisor acting for a Person referred to in (a), (b) or (c).