Corporate entities including Financial Institutions or Credit Institutions that are not covered by an exemption, including Financial Institutions or Credit Institutions that are not regulated by the Regulator or regulated in a FATF country

17. Evidence to be obtained in either documentary or electronic form:
a. registered corporate name and any trading names used;
b. complete current registered address and any separate principal trading addresses, including all relevant details with regard to country of residence;
c. telephone number and email address;
d. date and place of incorporation;
e. corporate registration number;
f. fiscal residence;
g. business activity;
h. regulatory body, if applicable;
i. name and address of Group, if applicable;
j. legal form;
k. name of external auditor;
l. information regarding the nature and level of the business to be conducted;
m. information regarding the origin of the funds; and
n. information regarding the Source of Wealth/income.
18. Documentary evidence of identity:
a. copy of the extract of the register of the regulator or exchange, or state law or edict creating the entity, in case of regulated, listed or state-owned companies;
b. certified copy of the articles of association or statutes;
c. certified copy of either the certificate of incorporation or the trade register entry and the trading licence, including the renewal date;
d. latest annual report, audited and published if applicable;
e. certified copies of the list of authorised signatories specifying who is authorised to act on behalf of the Customer account and of the board resolution authorising the signatories to operate the account;
f. certified copies of the identification documentation of the authorised signatories;
g. names, country of residence, nationality of Directors or partners and of the members of the Governing Body; and
h. list of the main shareholders holding more than 5% of the issued capital.
19. If the applying Customer is not obliged to publish an audited annual report, adequate information about the financial accounts should be obtained.
20. A Relevant Person should verify that the applying Customer is active and has not been, or is not in the process of being dissolved, wound-up or terminated.