COBS 19.4.1

A Payment Service Provider must provide or make available to a Payment Service User the following information in relation to the Payment Service, whether by supplying a copy of the draft Single Payment Service Contract or a copy of the draft Payment Order or otherwise, before the Payment Service User is bound by the Single Payment Service Contract:

(a) the information or unique identifier that has to be provided by the Payment Service User in order for a Payment Order to be properly initiated or executed;
(b) the maximum time in which the Payment Service will be executed;
(c) the charges payable by the Payment Service User to the its Payment Service Provider and, where applicable, a breakdown of such charges;
(d) where applicable, the actual or Reference Exchange Rate to be applied to the Payment Transaction; and
(e) such of the information specified in Rule 19.2.1 as is relevant to the Single Payment Service Contract in question.