COBS 17.8.3.

For the purposes of an Authorised Person that is Providing Custody in relation to Virtual Assets, the following requirements in COBS, Chapters 14 and 15 shall be read as follows—

(a) the reconciliations of the Client Accounts required under COBS Rule—
(i) 14.2.12(a) shall be carried out at least every week; and
(ii) 14.2.12(d) shall be carried out within 5 days of the date to which the reconciliation relates;
(b) the statements required under COBS Rule 15.8.1(a) shall be sent to a Retail Client at least monthly; and
(c) all reconciliations required under COBS Rule 15.9.1 shall be conducted at least every week.
Amended on (24 February, 2020).