Article XIII — De-registration and export request authorisation

1.This Article applies only where a Contracting State has made a declaration pursuant to Article XXX(1).
2. Where the debtor has issued an irrevocable de-registration and export request authorisation substantially in the form annexed to this Protocol and has submitted such authorisation for recordation to the registry authority, that authorisation shall be so recorded.
3. The person in whose favour the authorisation has been issued (the "authorised party") or its certified designee shall be the sole person entitled to exercise the remedies specified in Article IX(1) and may do so only in accordance with the authorisation and applicable aviation safety laws and regulations. Such authorisation may not be revoked by the debtor without the consent in writing of the authorised party. The registry authority shall remove an authorisation from the registry at the request of the authorised party.
4. The registry authority and other administrative authorities in Contracting States shall expeditiously cooperate with and assist the authorised party in the exercise of the remedies specified in Article IX.