Article 27 — Legal personality; immunity

1. The Supervisory Authority shall have international legal personality where not already possessing such personality.
2. The Supervisory Authority and its officers and employees shall enjoy such immunity from legal or administrative process as is specified in the Protocol.
(a) The Supervisory Authority shall enjoy exemption from taxes and such other privileges as may be provided by agreement with the host State.
(b) For the purposes of this paragraph, "host State" means the State in which the Supervisory Authority is situated.
4. The assets, documents, data bases and archives of the International Registry shall be inviolable and immune from seizure or other legal or administrative process.
5. For the purposes of any claim against the Registrar under Article 28(1) or Article 44, the claimant shall be entitled to access to such information and documents as are necessary to enable the claimant to pursue its claim.
6. The Supervisory Authority may waive the inviolability and immunity conferred by paragraph 4.