Article 19 — Validity and time of registration

1. A registration shall be valid only if made in conformity with Article 20.
2. A registration, if valid, shall be complete upon entry of the required information into the International Registry data base so as to be searchable.
3. A registration shall be searchable for the purposes of the preceding paragraph at the time when:
(a) the International Registry has assigned to it a sequentially ordered file number; and
(b) the registration information, including the file number, is stored in durable form and may be accessed at the International Registry.
4. If an interest first registered as a prospective international interest becomes an international interest, that international interest shall be treated as registered from the time of registration of the prospective international interest provided that the registration was still current immediately before the international interest was constituted as provided by Article 7.
5. The preceding paragraph applies with necessary modifications to the registration of a prospective assignment of an international interest.
6. A registration shall be searchable in the International Registry data base according to the criteria prescribed by the Protocol.