AML 15.4.1

A Relevant Person must, where relevant, maintain the following records:

(a) a copy of all documents and information obtained in undertaking initial and on-going CDD or business partners due diligence;
(b) the supporting records (consisting of the original documents or certified copies) in respect of the Customer business relationship, including Transactions;
(c) notifications made under Rule 14.2.2;
(d) Suspicious Activity Reports and any relevant supporting documents and information, including internal findings and analysis;
(e) any relevant communications with the AMLSCU;
(f) the documents in Rule 15.4.2; and
(g) the relevant details of any Transaction carried out by the Relevant Person with or for a Customer,

for at least 10 years from the date on which the notification or report was made, the business relationship ends or the Transaction is completed, whichever occurs last.