AML 12.2.1

A Relevant Person must ensure that its MLRO has:

(a) direct access to the Governing Body and its Senior Management;
(b) sufficient and up-to-date qualifications and experience to fulfil the role;
(c) sufficient resources including, if necessary, an appropriate number of appropriately trained Employees to assist in the performance of his duties in an effective, objective and independent manner;
(d) a level of seniority and independence within the Relevant Person to enable him to act on his own authority;
(e) timely and unrestricted access to information the Relevant Person has about the financial and business circumstances of a customer or any Person on whose behalf the customer is or has been acting sufficient to enable him to carry out his responsibilities in accordance with Rule 12.3.1; and
(f) unrestricted access to relevant information about the features of the Transaction which the Relevant Person has entered into or may have contemplated entering into with or for the customer or a Person on whose behalf a customer is or has been acting.
Amended on (15 April, 2019).