99. Proceedings to be conducted in English

(1) All proceedings before any Court must be conducted in English.
(2) For the purposes of this section "proceedings" means —
(a) any pre-action correspondence between a party's legal or other representatives and another party, or a party's legal or other representatives and another party's legal or other representatives;
(b) all correspondence between any or all of the parties once a claim form has been issued;
(c) all court forms, pleadings, statements (including, but not limited to, witness statements and disclosure statements), expert reports and requests for further information;
(d) all applications to any Court (whether made on paper or orally);
(e) all hearings before any Judge or other officer of any Court (whether held in court or in chambers), including cross-examination of witnesses;
(f) all orders whether drafted by any party or prepared by the Court of its own motion;
(g) all judgments, decisions, directions or orders handed down by the Court whether orally or in writing.