967. Provision of information to public authorities

(1) The Registrar may disclose any material held where such disclosure is–
(a) is permitted or required to be made under the laws, regulations or rules of the Abu Dhabi Global Market,
(b) is made to–
(i) the Financial Services Regulator,
(ii) a governmental or regulatory authority exercising powers and performing functions relating to anti-money laundering,
(iii) a self-regulatory body or organization exercising and performing powers and functions in relation to financial services,
(iv) a civil or criminal law enforcement agency, or
(v) a governmental or other regulatory authority including a self regulatory body or organisation exercising powers and performing functions in relation to the regulation of auditors, accountants or lawyers,
     for the purpose of assisting the performance by any such person of its regulatory functions, or
(c) is made in good faith for the purposes of performance and exercise of the functions and powers of the Registrar.