965. Certification of copies as accurate

(1) Copies provided under section 960 in hard copy form must be certified as true copies unless the applicant dispenses with such certification.
(2) Copies so provided in electronic form must not be certified as true copies unless the applicant expressly requests such certification.
(3) A copy provided under section 960, certified by the Registrar (whose official position it is unnecessary to prove) to be an accurate record of the contents of the original document, is in all legal proceedings admissible in evidence–
(a) as of equal validity with the original document, and
(b) as evidence of any fact stated in the original document of which direct oral evidence would be admissible.
(4) Except in the case of documents that are subject to the enhanced disclosure requirements (see section 952), copies provided by the Registrar may, instead of being certified in writing to be an accurate record, be sealed with the Registrar’s official seal.