956. Allocation of unique identifiers

(1) The Registrar may make rules for the use, in connection with the register, of reference numbers ("unique identifiers") to identify each person who—
(a) is a director of a company, or
(b) is secretary (or a joint secretary) of a company.
(2) The rules may—
(a) provide that a unique identifier may be in such form, consisting of one or more sequences of letters or numbers, as the Registrar may from time to time determine,
(b) make provision for the allocation of unique identifiers by the Registrar,
(c) require there to be included, in any specified description of documents delivered to the Registrar, as well as a statement of the person's name—
(i) a statement of the person's unique identifier, or
(ii) a statement that the person has not been allocated a unique identifier,
(d) enable the Registrar to take steps where a person appears to have more than one unique identifier to discontinue the use of all but one of them.
(3) The rules may make different provision for different descriptions of person and different descriptions of document.