950. Replacement of document not meeting requirements for proper delivery

(1) The Registrar may accept a replacement for a document previously delivered that–
(a) did not comply with the requirements for proper delivery, or
(b) contained unnecessary material (within the meaning of section 948).
(2) A replacement document must not be accepted unless the Registrar is satisfied that it is delivered by–
(a) the person by whom the original document was delivered, or
(b) the company (or other body) to which the original document relates,
     and that it complies with the requirements for proper delivery.
(3) The power of the Registrar to impose requirements as to the form and manner of delivery includes power to impose requirements as to the identification of the original document and the delivery of the replacement in a form and manner enabling it to be associated with the original.
(4) This section does not apply where the original document was delivered under Part 24 (company charges) (but see section 838 (rectification of register)).