938. Fees payable to Registrar

(1) The Board may make rules requiring the payment to the Registrar of fees in respect of–
(a) the performance of any of the Registrar’s functions, or
(b) the provision by the Registrar of services or facilities for purposes incidental to, or otherwise connected with, the performance of any of the Registrar’s functions.
(2) The matters for which fees may be charged include–
(a) the performance of a duty imposed on the Registrar or the Board,
(b) the receipt of documents delivered to the Registrar, and
(c) the inspection, or provision of copies, of documents kept by the Registrar.
(3) The rules may–
(a) provide for the amount of the fees to be fixed by or determined under the rules,
(b) provide for different fees to be payable in respect of the same matter in different circumstances,
(c) specify the person by whom any fee payable under the rules is to be paid,
(d) specify when and how fees are to be paid.
(4) Fees received by the Registrar are to be paid into the such account as the Registrar may direct, from time to time.