930. Restrictions on disclosure of information

(1) This section applies to information relating to the business or other affairs of a person which—
(a) is supplied by a non-Abu Dhabi Global Market regulatory authority in connection with a request for assistance, or
(b) is obtained by virtue of the powers conferred by section 927, whether or not any requirement to supply it is made under that section.
(2) Except as permitted by section 931 below, such information shall not be disclosed for any purpose—
(a) by the primary recipient, or
(b) by any person obtaining the information directly or indirectly from him,
without the consent of the person from whom the primary recipient obtained the information and, if different, the person to whom it relates.
(3) The “primary recipient” means, as the case may be−
(a) the Registrar,
(b) the Board,
(c) any person authorised under section 928 to exercise powers on his behalf, and
(d) any officer or servant of any such person.
(4) Information shall not be treated as information to which this section applies if it has been made available to the public by virtue of being disclosed in any circumstances in which, or for any purpose for which, disclosure is not precluded by this section.
(5) A person who contravenes this section commits a contravention of these Regulations and shall be liable to a fine of up to level 8.