928. Exercise of powers by officer, etc

(1) The Registrar may authorise any of its officers or any other competent person to exercise on his behalf all or any of the powers conferred by section 927.
(2) No such authority shall be granted except for the purpose of investigating—
(a) the affairs, or any aspects of the affairs, of a person specified in the authority, or
(b) a subject-matter so specified,
being a person who, or subject-matter which, is the subject of the inquiries being carried out by or on behalf of the non-Abu Dhabi Global Market regulatory authority.
(3) No person shall be bound to comply with a requirement imposed by a person exercising powers by virtue of an authority granted under this section unless he has, if required, produced evidence of his authority.
(4) A person shall not by virtue of an authority under this section be required to disclose any information or produce any documents in respect of which he owes an obligation of confidence by virtue of carrying on the business of banking unless—
(a) the imposing on him of a requirement with respect to such information or documents has been specifically authorised by the Registrar, or
(b) the person to whom the obligation of confidence is owed consents to the disclosure or production.
In this subsection “documents” has the same meaning as in section 927.
(5) Where the Registrar authorises a person other than one of his officers to exercise any powers by virtue of this section, that person shall make a report to the Registrar in such manner as it may require on the exercise of those powers and the results of exercising them.