90. Right of inspection

(1) A party may inspect any document which is referred to in an opposite party's statement of case and is under the control of that party.
(2) A party to whom a document has been disclosed has a right to inspect that document except where the document or a copy of it is no longer in the control of the party who disclosed it, or the party disclosing the document has a right or a duty to withhold inspection of it, including (without limitation) privileged documents.
(3) Where a party considers that he has a right or a duty, including (without limitation) as to privilege, to withhold inspection of a document or part of a document, he is not required to permit inspection of that document or part of that document; but he must state in his disclosure statement that inspection of the whole or part of that document will not be permitted, that he has a right or a duty to withhold inspection; and the grounds on which he relies.
(4) Where a party inadvertently allows a privileged document to be inspected, the party who has inspected the document may only use it or its contents with the Court's permission.