9. Vacancies — creditor members of creditors' committee

(1) This paragraph applies if there is a vacancy in the membership of a creditors' committee.
(2) The vacancy need not be filled if —
(a) the Office-holder and a majority of the remaining committee members agree; and
(b) the number of members does not fall below three.
(3) The Office-holder may appoint a creditor, who is qualified under paragraph 4 (Eligibility to be a member of a creditors' committee) of Part 3 (Membership and formalities) of this Schedule to be a member of the creditors' committee, to fill the vacancy, if —
(a) a majority of the members of the creditors' committee agree to the appointment; and
(b) the creditor consents to act.
(4) Alternatively, a meeting of creditors may resolve that a creditor be appointed (with that creditor's consent) to fill the vacancy.
(5) Where the vacancy is filled by an appointment made by a meeting of creditors which the Office-holder does not attend, the chairman of the meeting must report the appointment to the Office-holder.