887. Application to Court for restoration to the register

(1) An application may be made to the Court to restore to the register a company—
(a) that has been dissolved under Part 10 (dissolution) of the Insolvency Regulations 2015,
(b) that is deemed to have been dissolved under Part 10 (dissolution) of the Insolvency Regulations 2015, or
(c) that has been struck off the register—
(i) under section 864 or 865 (power of Registrar to strike off defunct company), or
(ii) under section section 867 (voluntary striking off),
whether or not the company has in consequence been dissolved.
(2) An application under this section may be made by—
(a) the Board,
(b) any former director of the company,
(c) any person having an interest in property—
(i) that was subject to rights vested in the company, or
(ii) that was benefited by obligations owed by the company,
(d) any person who but for the company's dissolution would have been in a contractual relationship with it,
(e) any person with a potential legal claim against the company,
(f) any manager or trustee of a pension fund established for the benefit of employees of the company,
(g) any former member of the company (or the personal representatives of such a person),
(h) any person who was a creditor of the company at the time of its striking off or dissolution,
(i) any former liquidator of the company,
(j) where the company was struck off the register under section 867 (voluntary striking off), any person of a description specified by regulations under section 870(1)(e) or 871(2)(e) (persons entitled to notice of application for voluntary striking off),
or by any other person appearing to the Court to have an interest in the matter.