866. Supplementary provisions as to service of communication or notice

(1) If the Registrar is not able to send a communication or notice under section 864 or 865 to a company in accordance with Schedule 4, the communication may be sent to an officer of the company at an address for that officer or agent that has been notified to the Registrar by the company.
(2) If there is no officer of the company whose name and address are known to the Registrar, the communication or notice may be sent to each of the initial shareholders (if their addresses are known to the Registrar).
(3) A notice to be sent to a liquidator under section 865 may be sent to the address of the liquidator's last known place of business or to an address specified by the liquidator to the Registrar for the purpose of receiving notices, or notices of that kind.
(4) In this section "address" has the same meaning as in section 1008(1).