859. Petition by the Board

(1) This section applies to a company in respect of which—
(a) the Board has exercised its powers of investigation under these Regulations, or
(b) the Board has received a report from an investigator appointed by it under that Part.
(2) If it appears to the Board that in the case of such a company—
(a) the company's affairs are being or have been conducted in a manner that is unfairly prejudicial to the interests of members generally or of some part of its members, or
(b) an actual or proposed act or omission of the company (including an act or omission on its behalf) is or would be so prejudicial,
it may apply to the Court by petition for an order under this Part.
(3) The Board may do this in addition to, or instead of, presenting a petition for the winding up of the company.
(4) In this section, and so far as applicable for the purposes of this section in the other provisions of this Part, "company" means any body corporate that is liable to be wound up under the Insolvency Regulations 2015.