855. Disregard of website failures beyond control of company

A failure to make information or a document available on the website throughout a period specified in any of the provisions mentioned in subsection (2) is to be disregarded if–
(a) it is made available on the website for part of that period, and
(b) the failure to make it available throughout that period is wholly attributable to circumstances that it would not be reasonable to have expected the company to prevent or avoid.
(2) The provisions referred to above are–
(a) section 813(5),
(b) section 819(3),
(c) section 826(5) and 826(8),
(d) section 827(5) and 827(8),
(e) section 828(4) and 828(7),
(f) section 833(5),
(g) section 839(3),
(h) section 844(5) and 844(8), and
(i) section 845(4) and 845(7).