853. Court to fix date of merger or for transfer of undertaking etc of transferor company

(1) Where the Court sanctions the compromise or arrangement, it must–
(a) in the order sanctioning the compromise or arrangement, or
(b) in a subsequent order under section 806 (powers of Court to facilitate reconstruction or amalgamation or merger or division),
fix a date on which the merger by absorption, merger by consolidation or division is to take place.
(2) Any such order that provides for the dissolution of the transferor company must fix the same date for the dissolution.
(3) If it is necessary for the transferor company to take steps to ensure that the undertaking, property and liabilities are fully transferred, the Court must fix a date, not later than six months after the date fixed under subsection (1), by which such steps must be taken.
(4) In that case, the Court may postpone the dissolution of the transferor company until that date.
(5) The Court may postpone or further postpone the date fixed under subsection (3) if it is satisfied that the steps mentioned cannot be completed by the date (or latest date) fixed under that subsection.