849. Expert’s report: valuation by another person

(1) Where it appears to an expert–
(a) that a valuation is reasonably necessary to enable him to draw up his report, and
(b) that it is reasonable for that valuation, or part of it, to be made by (or for him to accept a valuation made by) another person who–
(i) appears to him to have the requisite knowledge and experience to make the valuation or that part of it, and
(ii) meets the independence requirement in section 850,
   he may arrange for or accept such a valuation, together with a report which will enable him to make his own report under section 816 or 836.
(2) Where any valuation is made by a person other than the expert himself, the latter’s report must state that fact and must also–
(a) state the former’s name and what knowledge and experience he has to carry out the valuation, and
(b) describe so much of the undertaking, property and liabilities as was valued by the other person, and the method used to value them, and specify the date of the valuation.